Hard to Survive

October 29, 2008
By Katrina SILVER, El Dorado, Kansas
Katrina SILVER, El Dorado, Kansas
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You just do not know how hard it is for me to survive
How hard I am trying to stay happy and push depression away
It’s hard to not want to cut again and just end my life when I’m going through all this pain
My heart is breaking
I am loosing a lot of friends
I miss my big bro/bff and lately everything reminds me of him
I am also worried about him
I was the only one he hung out with and now he has no one because I cannot be with him
So you just do not understand how hard my life is now
I cannot be with my big bro and I’m loosing a lot of friends
Plus getting made fun of a lot at school
Why are people so cruel?
Some people that are suppose to be my friends are ignoring me or won’t talk to me
This sucks!!
I want to be able to hang out with my big bro again
I want people to stop making fun of me and stop ignoring me
I want my heart back
So it will not be so hard to survive
I want to see my big bro again I really miss him :’(

The author's comments:
What inpired me to write this piece is my best firend.big bro i am not suppose to hang out with him but i like him we have a lot in common and get a long great i can tell him anything and i can trust him. I miss him a lot and dont have that many other friends. He made me feel better about myself and as got me to stop cutting before.

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