Political... practicality?

October 29, 2008
Thoughtful processes elide chaotic actions
Salutations provided
Inviting freedom thinking thither governmental superstitions
Anarchism promotes unruly thinking
Uncovering governmental prejudices hidden beyond layered regulations
Insanities' finest rulers drawing broken linear equations upon sandy beaches
Freeing many mindful individuals throughout political rampages
Provoking citizens’ rationales
Fragmented cerebral matter scattered across referenced topographies
Leaving behind unspoken sentences
Intelligence resulting after consuming nutritional cerebrums
Accumulating knowledge throughout conquests
Providing power over lesser being
Raising humans above other planetary creatures
Bringing forward further separation inside mother's already favoring mind-filled spiritual essence
Secrets restrained within darkened corridors forgotten ages ago
Scholar hidden riddles, only perceived beyond nature’s calling
Feelings longing freedom
Rampaging throughout human psyche
Flooding senses without any directions
Randomness taking control over butterflies
Fluttering inside stomachs contained within political absence
Rampaging citizens striking opposing satirists
Fighting without restraint
Keeping battles’ shortness sweetened
Lacing bloodied bodies across sidewalks
Inhabiting Washington's rocky “beaches”
Claiming representation
Naming efforts toward anarchism
Chaos reigning cities without violent tendencies
Bringing governmental prejudice onto kneecaps bloodied beyond recognition
People calming
Bringing peaceful regulations into order
Anarchism closeted
Until government divides people again.

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