Change is beautiful.

October 28, 2008
By Aimee Harden, Regina, ZZ

Snows falling and covering everything.
In a layer of white.
I finally know notice how beautiful, change really is.
And not the bitter coldness.

Then I remember how much you changed.
I hated it so much, but now seeing the beauty of change I regret it.

Now when I see you in the halls I will ignore how much you've changed. I will look past your new look, and personality then try and rekindle our friendship.
When you changed I guess I was scared.
But I can see how happy you are.

I finnaly found out even though change is scary and I don't always want it to happen, it's needed or else technology and knowledge would never have become so far.

Change can be very beautiful at times.
Like growing plants, children, and seasons.

The author's comments:
I just randomly wrote this it's not that good but I thought it was nice.

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