That First Love

October 28, 2008
By Lily Daly, Huntsville, AL

There is a wilderness inside of me,
As untamed as a boy's unshaven leg.
I am draped in a white, lacy curtain,
So far I have had no reason to beg.

God I am that white speck fleeing through the forest,
I have never felt so close-
I imagine savagely clutching him,
On the earth, your soul, your prose.

It is fair that I smother him,
Because this madness smothers me.
A stranger might mistake me rabid,
Too raw and instinct-driven to really be.

I race and weave and intertwine
Through this divine land-
Light is fading, darkness stealing,
I won't rest until I find what they brand man.

Hair from my head tangles with the branches,
Both cold and mud brown-
I think I see a contrasting shade-
Its his skin that bars me from inside him-
It's because he is an ant, and I his mound.

I stand and look down on his form,
So tainted and metallic with blood.
I close my eyes and clinch my teeth,
Steel barrieres built on this now claimed earth.

How could he be mortal,
When I had consumed him so thoroughly?
I mix his blood with dirt,
And I smile.

The eternal mask is in place,
Enclosing that contained emptiness inside of me.
I don't know what to do-
How can I be civilized and steady?
This eternal mask is like a caged in bird.
My ghastly moan is the last thing I heard.

Human hands have erroded my wilderness,
A barren wasteland is where I dwell.
Droll and detached I creep.
Faithfully, with my eternal mask,
Not even a gorgon can turn me to stone.

God, I bet I am out of your territory now.
I bet you can't see me!
Look,I'm that white, static figure,
Hanging from a tree.

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