October 28, 2008
By Adrienne Smith, Cape Coral, FL

They love us
Fight us
Adore us
Because their our parents
they say stupid stuff when we fight
But in the end
They are our parents
The place of hope and love
The safe people we will always have
They will be there from when
We were infants and needed help
To toddlers who wanted to be tucked in and read storys
until there asleep or just to lay with them
Kids who wanted help with home work
Teenagers who need advice from boys to friends to sisters
Young adults who just need to be home for a while to get away from college
To adults who are thinking of marriage
But during all this time
They are the comfort that you cant get enough of
During your life you parents will become more than parents
They will become friends advisors and most of all the people you call mom and dad

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