October 28, 2008
By rachel hurley, Travelers Rest, SC

I don’t even want to know
Hearing your voice run through my head makes my frustration start to grow
Your true feelings are starting to show
Your intentions make me want to start letting go
There’s no reason for this
I’ve been through seasons of this
Disastrous silence
Your words breed violence in my soul
I’m starting to get older
This isn’t working out
Makes me want to scream and shout
Your ignorance represents my pessimistic self
I’m not falling
Because I don’t have the energy to get up
I’m not begging you to come back crawling
‘cause it’s not worth it in the end
my anticipation had started to blend with your stupidity
Getting caught up in my own personal victory
So I cry
Drawing pictures of resentment in my mind
I’ve drawn the line
Please don’t cross it
Our memories have been sealed
Please get real
don’t ignore how you feel
Your beginning to lose your appeal

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