October 28, 2008
By Shelby Cardinal, Muskegon, MI

I had so much faith in the strength of your soul,
That you lured me in with promises, and i never doubted your morals.
You had me tied up in your false indictments,
You made me distraught and ashamed of my own doings,
You led me astray to think that I had influenced you,
When you are the murderer that poisened me.
You had me hanging on a string, making me dance above your fire.
My eyes were sewn shut with a string of my hopes and your maybes,
My mind and heart eventually showed me what you are, what you had always been,
I ripped the string out I let myself empty of every regret I had then,
I let the crimson turn a deep violet that embodied my destruction,
The waste you left behind became what I am, a wreck.
A prodigy of your power to control and consume what a person is,
An epitome of a broken soul tormented and troubled,
They have gripped your inside, but have merely brushed your shell,
A short improvement, but not a recovery,
If years have passed, then it is part of the past,
You wonder if you'll get over it.
Why does it still hurt like this?

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