Fine Wine In A Coffee Shop

October 28, 2008
By Chris Fallin, Elm Grove, LA

You strike me as fine wine in a coffee shop

Like the one star that shines brighter than the moon itself

You strike me hard enough so that I spin like a talk

You're like a diamond among a haphazard assortment of rocks

You strike me as champagne in a coffee shop

Your pale blue eyes an oasis in the sands of time

The same eyes that can send daggers through my skin, giving me a chop

Your sweet lips taste like sugar hidden in a salt's shaker

You strike me as a fillet in a coffee shop

The body that only God could've molded and formed

You're like fine wine, hidden in a can of pop

In every way perfection among a world full of flaws

You strike me as fine wine in a coffee shop

And your love is as intoxicating as such...

I love your perfection, you put up with my misgivings

Love like ours is hard to find, especially when it's as elusive as fine wine in a coffee...

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