The Hallway

October 28, 2008
By Meghan O'Brien, Canton, MA

It’s a superhighway, only there are no cars
Just people strolling, running
You don’t know where they’re going
But you know it’s somewhere

You see the small girl, weaving in and out of people
Hiding behind her books
Will you find her in the library studying,
Or is she that girl in the bathroom having a smoke

The tall, lanky kid towering over everyone
High fives friends as he passes by
Probably heading to the basketball court with the team,
Or it could be his job to help support his family

A teacher watching the students as they pass
Leaning against the wall
He heads home to have dinner with his wife and friends,
Or to the bar to drink away a day of headaches

People walk down hallways everyday
Bumping into each other
Sharing nothing more than a quick glance
Then they keep walking, going wherever their somewhere is

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