October 27, 2008
By Joe Hartley, Post Falls, ID

What is time.
Is it hours and minutes or seconds.
The thing that makes us stop to rhyme.
Or the thing that helps to strive for first not second.
They say we waste alot of it.
But how do we waste that which we can not see.
Is it the same on each and every summit.
How do we know time is really there.
Why does it rule our life.
I stop to think, and its a scare.
Yet we need it, cause it tells when we marry our wife.
It does so much but yet seems so small.
We take it for granted.
Cause without it what time do we go to the mall.
Its the same for you and me always streight never slanted.
So now when you think of time.
You'll remember this silly little rhyme.

The author's comments:
Im just an athlete with a mind

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