In and Out

October 27, 2008
It’s so hot the sweat’s sticking to my hair
Despite it my mind continues to flare
All the desperate longing of kids past gone
The need to be more than another pawn
Of a government that won’t speak to me
That won’t understand all that I can see
I’m stuck in a suburban present tense
With all of these ideas that don’t make sense
On my shoulders balance a million mouths
That follow me, no way to escape south
I must keep my brothers elsewhere alive
I must help my worldly sisters survive
It’s up to our generation to thrive
We’re the inspiration that has to drive
The populace into a state of care
To realize problems are the world’s to share
Listen when I feel like I’m gonna cry
Listen when the world cries out, “We will die!”
Don’t be confused, don’t be taken or shy
You’ve gotta hang on, let those ideas fly
I can’t promise a better tomorrow
I can’t promise a world without sorrow
But I can still dream and with worlds I write
I can mask the hurt, distract for a night.

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