Crimson Rivers

October 27, 2008
By Eclipsed SILVER, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
Eclipsed SILVER, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
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Your crimson rivers flow
like tears streaming down a face
they break like levees
and pour out thier secrets out
a little pressure helps them spill
their contents
from your breaking point,
your tourtured mind,
your bleeding heart,
or wrist......

But my crimson rivers
flow coast to coast
and vein to vein
with my pulsing rage,
and guilt,
they drain to the lowest level
the lowest floor
and go searching for the ends of the earth

they search,
they spread,
they run in fear

Until the beating power stops
and the rivers dry up,
they dont ever come back,
only because someone turned off the rain.....

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