Poison Apple

October 27, 2008
By Ashlynn Anderson, So. Weber, UT

I walk to your house
expecting something great
exciting and wonderful
I had no idea
it would be so bad

A smile on my face
I knock on your door
but you come forward
with a grimace there
and mine turns into a frown

You pull me inside
I think you want me
but thats not the case
but I had no idea
it would be so bad

You sit me on the coach
and walk to the kitchen
I think you are getting drinks
but you come back
with a poison apple

I am a little confused
but take the apple anyway
your smile grows wider
but I had no idea
it would be so bad

I feel the poison
slide down my throat
and it closes up
my mind clouds
I collapse into your arms

You push me to the floor
as someone knocks on the door
and i start to slip
I had no idea
it would be so bad

Erin comes in
and sees me there
on the floor
in your living room
dying because of you

You turn and run
Erin comes to me
kisses my lips
i had no idea
Erin would taste so good

"I love you"
Erin says to me
"I love you too"
I had no idea
you loved me too

He gets up
and chases you
but you get away
but Erin come back
and dails 911

My mind slips
I'm falling into nothingness
and I kiss Erin again
I had no idea
this would be the last time

"I love you,"
I say hoarsely
"I'll miss you."
I smile weakly

I fall into black
I will never come back
I had no idea
it would end this way
by My Poison Apple

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on Jun. 19 2009 at 12:35 am
i love this peom. its says all the unspoken things i think about. Being wrong and getting the thing thats right...sorta. keep writing whats in ur heart!

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