Walk Of Love

October 27, 2008
By Katie Schmitt, Fairfield, OH

I walked along this empty street
So cold, so dark, so alone
I passed house after house-
Each one holding the warm glow I longed for

As I passed the candle lit windows, I stopped to look in
To see if there might be a place for me
Again and again there was not-
No one needed me to complete the warmth

Some houses were dark; I did not stop to look
I walked faster past those
The cold pushing me away-
I did not belong there

I followed along my normal path
When I approached the next house
Something felt different-
I looked up to see an unfamiliar glow

The door stood ajar at this house
You held it open, open just for me
You stood in the door, smiling-
Your smile gave off warmth, warmer than any candle lit window

You reached out, took my hand, and I gave you my heart
I walked toward your door
You let me inside as no one else ever had-
And I finally found a place to call home

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