Just Believe

October 27, 2008
Life is like a river,
And the water is your life
You must avoid the falls,
Like a victim avoiding a knife

Your life is the water flowing,
Every minute, every day, every year
You have to keep it going,
And floods, you mustn't fear

Of course there will be challenges,
But if you try it won't be far,
Before the sun is back,
And you're left with not even a scar

Because as long as you believe,
You'll easily make it through
And if you have a good attitude,
You'll enjoy the ride, too

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Black Dragon15 said...
Nov. 8, 2008 at 4:31 pm
I cannot BELIEVE you didn't tell me you were published again. :P Need I say how much I love it? Or how much anyone who reads it will love it? It's beautiful. And congratulations on being published again! [Despite you not telling me.]
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