What I Know About You

October 27, 2008
By Yesenia Rodriguez, Nashville, TN

I know you really love her...I can see it in your eyes...I see it when you look at her and just wanna stay by...I know you hide pain and you really wanna win the game...But they broke up now the him in "him her" has gone away...I see the way your eyes spark, when you hear her name...I can feel what you feel cause im always right there...What you feel for her is what i felt for you...Atleast thats what I thought...I loved you sincerly, clean, and true...She doesn't she lies and makes up stuff too!..I know why you don't talk to me...It's cause you don't want to hurt me more...But to be clear, I don't think thats true...Atleast not anymore...I hide DEEP pain...Yes I do...But not ONLY for you ,but for others I've loved MORE than you.!.

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