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Happy Face : )

October 27, 2008
By William Barbuto, Abington, MA

you put on a happy face
your friends dont know the real you
all they see is smiles, all they hear is laughter
they have no idea
you stay up all night praying
wishing that your life was just a little bit better
praying, that things will get just a little bit better
how could people so close to you be so clueless?
everyone thinks everythings ok, no worrys
but you just want to die
hell must be a better place than this
is it worth it, risking it?
you search for a ray of light
a chance a possibility that it could get better
even if its small just something
you look everywhere.
you get ready your almost there
everythings all set up
the note is on the table
then, you get a phone call
from that one special person
you crumple up and throw away the piece of paper
you put the pills back in the jar
your mind goes empty
everythings forgotten, no worrys
you put on a happy face

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