October 27, 2008
At first it was supposed to be all in fun.
No feelings we re supposed to get involved.
Or so we thought.
Things changed “just friends” didn’t stay the same.
Connected on the mental, wouldn’t let me get to the emotional.
He’s too afraid too be hurt again.
Can’t let him go he’s already in.
Too scared to trust.
Yet I tell no lies.
Hurts sometimes to admit the truth to myself.
Still, though I wont hold anything back.
Wanting to be different.
Have to mean something in his world.
The best feeling everyday to wake up knowing I’m his girl.
Say’s that girls just like me are hard to come around.
I don’t think he knows what he was searching for he’s found.
Wanting him to give it a chance.
Needing him to let himself go.
Does he know how much he means to me?
Will he ever listen enough to truly know?
They say not to get wrapped in feelings, don’t let emotions take over.
Too late the feelings I have already discovered.

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