October 27, 2008
By Margaret Saylor, Bryn Mawr, PA


Im tired of always getting treated like dirt
And holding in all my emotional hurt
So I open up and tell my mom
She tries to act as if nothings wrong
I think she has a feeling that Im lying
I wish I were, I wouldnt feel like dieing
I honestly dont understand whats going on with me
But I need some help, some security
If my mom isnt the one who helps, who will it be?
I need someone who can understand my emotions and help me
The things Im going through and the things that are ahead
I dont want to end up in a hospital bed
I dont know my future or my fate
I just hope it isnt too late
I didnt ever want to be looked at as the weird one
So I held my feelings inside, but now Im done
I dont care what anyone thinks anymore
Ive been hurt to my very inner core
Theres no way I can hurt any more than this
People have treated me like doo doo and Ive got pissed
But Im done getting mad I dont even care
My motivation to fight back is no longer there
Im hurt to the point that I dont even feel
My life doesnt even seem real
I know all yet I have no clue
I dont even know what to do
I have no desire to do anything that I used to do
Im not like myself Im someone new
Its because of the tremendous hurt inside
Im not buckled up and Im on a dangerous ride
Side to side I run into the walls
Im so hurt within that I might just fall
Who will be there to catch me if I do?
Please get back to me if you have a clue

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