Eyes Wide Shut

October 27, 2008
Eyes Wide Shut

You live in the world
The world you live for
Got your life, money, new car, the trends
The want for more, the hunger never ends

Fall back on what others believe

Hide behind the painted mask
Soaked between the plaster threads
Trapped inside are your un-robotic views
Compassion lost, but hope to find soon

Rot away in your stained glass cell

Turn on the news and what do you see?
Poverty and war… you don’t want to believe
Nothing you can do, but turn a deaf ear
Delay the care, face the truth, is that what you fear

Blind yourself on what seems real

Little Lori doesn’t have a voice
Pined against the wall, no remorse
Rihanna doesn’t feel anything but numb, sold of all her innocence’s
Lost in her cement box, hoping help will come

Kyle’s dreams are all shattered
Never has a father that told him he mattered
Josh is starved for true love
When it comes to giving it’s a push and a shove.

Time after time you question your faith
Never turn to God, just someone with a face
Angered by those who let you down
Turn the frown, don’t blame the voice

When you have the choice

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