Oh Dear Winter Tree

October 27, 2008
By Cody Knight, Blacksburg, SC

Oh dear winter tree, your heyday has came and gone.
Your limbs have been stripped bare by this dreadfully harsh winter.
Your skeleton like figure made black against the solid white background of snow.
The towering branches scraping the sky as if reaching to grab for something.

You look down on all of God’s creation as the snow clings to you.
Then, without warning, CRACK! With a mighty echoing sound, your longest branch
Falls to the ground with a thud. In all the glory you once held, you can do nothing but watch the titanic limb lie there and disappear under the snow.

Why must you feel helpless? Why is it that you watch in agony as you fall a part? You can change how you feel, you can change what happens next. But you won’t, you’ve made that clear. If you wish to be a lonely skeleton of a tree, then that’s fine with me. But remember, the snow will not forgive you, until you forgive yourself.

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