My Shining Star

October 27, 2008
By Michelle Nugent, Fairfield, OH

So bright
Your brilliant glow shines over me
Always there even when I can’t see you

Looking up at the heavens
The tingling sensation numbing my body
I can feel your soothing warmth
Even in the deadest of night

Only you,
My shining star,
Light up my darkness
Guiding me through life

Filling the black hole left in my heart
From many years ago
An emptiness inside me
Nothing had the ability of filling

Shining vibrantly
Never burning out
My greatest comfort of all
Is seeing your beauty

Knowing that I still have you
Watching over me
Bringing a smile to my face
Consuming the sorrow

Night is my favorite time
Seeing my bright light that outshines the dark
You dazzle me with intensity
Without you I’d be lost

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