October 27, 2008
The sweet melodic sounds,
ring through the night.
Loved ones gather round,
to hear her final song.
They gaze into the notes,
that are her eyes.
Piano strings thick and straight,
sending vibrations through their hearts.

Hammers mimic her fingers,
Notes become chords.
Rhythms become quicker,
The time signature keeps pace with her heartbeat.
Harmonies fill the lower voice,
Melodies trace the upper octave.
Accidentals over the page,
Lend to a slight hesitation.

Tempo swells to the climax of the piece,
Foot changing the pedal swiftly-though the affect fails.
Chords become dissonant,
Notes held too long.
Dynamics become pianissimo,
Emotions around her echo the softness.
Key signature goes back to “C,”
Peaceful and serene.

The ivories begin to slow,
The beat of the metronome starts to dull.
Notes on the staff peak and fall,
Eventually evening out.
The sound abruptly stops,
When she reaches the quarter rest.

A silent ending to a perfect piece…

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lizzywriter said...
Nov. 6, 2008 at 3:57 am
hey! this is really good..i love, love the flow of it. im so sorry about your mom! this is a great poem though..keep writing!
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