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October 27, 2008
By Blayne Hodges, Fairfield, OH


Her body so smooth against my own
Every facet beautiful, blonde, glowing
I can feel her warmth
Comforting every inch

How can I tell her?
That my love grows stronger by each passing day

Her voice
The most perfect tone
Resonating in every crevice of my soul
Filling me up with a sense of purpose

How can I tell her?
That she completes my sense of self

Her gaze taunts
She pierces through me
Her eyes overflowing with intensity
Showing me something within my self,
I had long dismissed from memory

How can I tell her?
That without her presence I would crumble beneath this earth

I caress her neck meticulously
My fingers flow over her slowly
She sings as do I
Our souls are bound for eternity

How can I tell her?
That without absence there is no longing

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