Guardian Angel

October 27, 2008
The tears roll down my face, this journey makes me so Weary.
Trapped behind the window panes... I feel oh so dreary.
Like iron bars... So cold against my face.
Where is my faith? Gone without a trace.
Stones dropping with every step.
How long has it been since I slept?
My hands tarnished from the shackles.
The pain from the chains wrapped around my ankles.
Where is the mercy for heavens sake?
How much more can this poor girl take?
Humbled... Long ago I swallowed my pride.
My room though as thick as brick like glass, I cannot hide.

My shame... The guilt.
Like a rose, away will I wilt?
I look to this wall I have built...
To hide my emotions.
All these assumptions... Along with these notions.
I scream at the top of my lungs... Till the planet shakes and shudders at my existence.
I can see the sun in the distance.
The warmth on my face... I close my eyes.

I wish somehow time... I could just rewind.
The deep shadows in my mind.
If I see your face, will I go blind?
I whisper to the sun... "No where to run."
I'm scared to think What I might become.
"Just to get out... Just to get away, Anywhere."
I sink to the floor... The darkening sky all around.
Suddenly that sound.
Your wings... The music he sings.
One single tear on your cheek.
To see this sorrow in the deep darkness of your eyes.
I feel weak...
You lift me from the floor.
I feel safe hopefully forever more.
Your lips touch my neck...
I'm so messed up, such a wreck.
You guide me with your hand.
You turn to take a look at my land.
The wings on your back covered in blisters and many wounds.
From battle I assume.
You turn to catch my stare.
You answer the question lingering in my mind. Somehow you knew that I care.
"Don't fret or worry... These wounds were made in no hurry."

I pointed to a wound down at the bottom by your feet.
A Tear rolled down your face, "This is for every time you lied."
My face turned pale... Remembering everything. I could have died.
Pale as a sheet. Ashamed... I could no longer look into your eyes.
Through my demise.
You lifted my chin.
You looked silly with a big goofy grin.
"God forgives all of your sin."
I point to the wound on your right...
"It was a ghastly sight"
Missing feathers scarred and torn I run my fingers over it.
You reply "Oh that one I'll never forget.
You were jumping on your bed one late Saturday night.
When suddenly the darkness took over the light.
You could no longer see. You said this simply can't be.
Jumping and twirling you missed the bed by a inch.
Went down in a cinch. Broke your arm in four places."
In my head like a film... Just from a glance I flinch.

"And this one?" I asked pointing to the one on your left.
The mark was bruised purple and pink.
You gave me a sly little wink.
"Washing the dishes in the sink.
To short to reach, you used a chair.
Your Momma was to tired to care.
You thought you were helping...
But oh came the whelping.
Playing in the bubbles You slipped and fell on your jaw
You went running down the hall yelling Ma! Pa!

I glanced down to find the worst looking wound of all.
I looked up at you I felt so small.
The wound still draining blood... Covered in mud.
You look into my eyes...
"This one still hurts... Even today.
I don't think the pain will ever go away."
At once I knew... It couldn't be true.
I put my face in my hands.
You kissed my head. "He hurt you real good
like I knew he would."
I couldn't catch my breath.
The pain in my heart it felt like death.
"You didn't fight like I thought you should.
I fought for your sanity. You can't blame your Dad for his vanity.
Your heart is closed up tight. You can let me in...
Please don't let the darkness win.
Even if I try with all my might... without your help I cannot restore your sight."
"Just take me with you. This is something I want to do."
I stood there fists clenched.
No longer will my anger make me cringe
You nodded. You took the chains in your hands.
The chains crumble in your fingers. Around the room I dance.
Waving my hands in the air as I prance.
As a child the things you brought to remembrance.

You open your arms wide.
There is a place for me inside.
I lay my head on your chest.
Your wings expand.
The walls shake, oh how they break.
Shattering glass...
All this mass.
Your wings consume me.

Your wings Bold and Celestial, Your face so proud.
I neglect everything my Sunday school teacher said aloud.
Though your wings tarnished with the wounds of my careless life.
With Sword and Knife
You look like a warrior awaiting battle standing steady.
On your back Bow and Arrows all ready.
You stand tall at ten foot.
Your face covered in dust and soot.
Chains over your chest, Nothing seems to weigh you down.
Into the deep how lost I get in your eyes so brown.
You Shake and point your finger when I frown.
Though beaten and Torn.
You look Majestic this significant Morn.

You became something I never thought I could see...
Something that was always truly meant to be.
You're my Guardian Angel.

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Bella Swan <3 Edward Cullen said...
Nov. 20, 2008 at 10:23 am
Oh-mi-gosh....! this is the most touching and beautiful poem i have ever read. it's...awesomely amazing. i love it. keep up ur great work! =D
lalalalost said...
Nov. 19, 2008 at 1:56 pm
OMG!!! i love this!!! it's so pretty and meaningful!!!
Stormy15 said...
Nov. 4, 2008 at 8:42 pm
Awesome poem i really loved it!
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