October 26, 2008
By Anonymous

I think this boy loves me
but i wont let him in
its this thing i tend to do
block people out
mom says it a bad habit
that i have to grow out of
or i wont let anyone close enough
to get to know me
and ill never find love
but i tell her that theres already a guy that loves me
she tells me im lying
i tell her im not
she says how can anyone love me
my hair never stays in place
i dont act like a lady
i wear jeans with holes
i have scars on my legs
and ugly freckles on my face
and i tell her that he must like
those things about me
and overlooks my imperfections
and sees the real me
and loves whats inside

so I decide to let this guy in
whats the worst thatll happen
maybe ill change
and get better
well see
but for now im just gonna make some more mistakes
and stay me.

The author's comments:
im just a girl, who just likes to write poetry...

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