Jewels In The Sky

October 26, 2008
By Estefania Castaneda, San Ysidro, CA

Today work was very exhausting and depressing,
Everything feels like its in slow motion,
But whenever I want to rewind, time just keeps getting faster,
It laughs and shows its fangs, time is a scary thing,
It can bite your neck if you don't use it wisely and responsibly.

I get in the car and feel all my pain in my legs move slowly down to my feet,
Now they feel heavy and unbearable, I ignore my senses except hearing
Mother and brother start their daily ritual,
Sing and Scream, Love and Loathe,
I escape by looking outside waiting for the wind to caress my face,
And for the first time in a long time,
I see dots in the sky.

"They are particles of the Big Bang waiting to spread their beautiful emotions across this vast universe"

I'm always looking straight at my path and I never realize
What a beauty earth can be; so much stress, so many things going on in my mind,
I never stop and enjoy God's best architectural work of art,
I look outside the window and stare at glitter spread across the dark sky,
They don’t light it up, but decorate and enhance its mysterious meaning,
I close my eyes and make a wish,
Upon the beautiful jewels in the sky.

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