Over The Edge

October 26, 2008
She swings open the door
to the always empty home
and sobs in the pillow
soaking up the foam

racing to the kitchen
trying to stop the pain
not caring about the outcome
about what she'll lose or gain

deep goes the blade
way into the skin
then she just waits
for the show to begin

the pain goes away
covered up with red
then comes the feeling
the feeling that she's dead

this is the part
that she dreads the most
should she stay and carry on
or disappear like a ghost

she feels neglected
and deep down inside
she thinks of every night
every day that she's cried

they say she's the freak
just one of the bad seeds
they all see the scars
they know that she bleeds

but is it really her fault
is it just her to blame
we could sit here all day
trying to play this dumb game

so stop pointing fingers
stop judging, stop it all
just continue your happy life
as she lays in a ball

she'll just end it right here
fallow the new "emo" trend
stop all your dumb gossip
as she falls to the end

just watch as this happens
just peek through the hedge
as she fails and gives in
as she falls to the edge

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