to swear.

October 26, 2008
you grabbed the mike and let in sing
i laughed cause your my everything
i've got to say i love you most
[and i swear i'm never one to boast]

strum away on those strings
i'm ready for whatever this brings
i swear your guitar solo made me weep
and its another memory i shall keep

i hear the smile in your voice
as you call out for audience choice
i swear i'll scream and shout for you anyday
i can't imagine this any other way

you are the meaning in my sentance
no one could ever have bent us
if you die i swear i will as well
i know you love me more than words can tell

"here's the dedication" i hear you shout
"to the girl this song is about
i've never imagined i'd be worth this much
but i swear i can't live without her touch."

in a second and the people roar
i'll be waiting by the door
when your set is done and the crowd is gone
i swear i'll be the only one

tonight when this is over we'll walk alone
we'll make the list of the things one day we'll own
you'll swear you've never loved anyone like this before
but I'll have to swear I love you more

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