let me write you a letter

October 26, 2008
By Kate Singerline, Wake Forest, NC

I've seen your new black and white
Though I bet in color you look better
I write XOXO and sign my name
when no one is looking I kiss this letter

Its six months, three days, nine minutes, eight seconds
and now I'm recognizing every sound
if I hear footsteps, light breathing and a raspy tone
suddenly I figure you've come back around

but you've left me alone
The room echoes only my heartbeat
I can't find any true occupation for my mind
I can't let your words lead me to defeat

I've taken out all the fall sweaters
even though reality says we're entering June
you're smell has stuck even through all this time
they even carry the winter's farewell tune

The clock is ticking the world by
this rhythmic beating of time is keeping me alive
I'm loopy and loony and some kind of lonely
I'm letting my characters and words leave me here to thrive

You've got my notes transposing languages
Je dois toucher ta visage
but I know you read what I said, just didn't respond
Tu causes un grand remue-ménage

and then finally I have you in a four-armed compromise
and I wonder if we've dealt with this well
the contemplations, complications and overall twists and turns
yet they're secrets only our love letters could tell

The author's comments:
Bonjour, mon nom est Kate et je parle et ecrire en anglais et on francais. Sont ci-dessous les expressions en anglais "Je dois toucher ta visage" et "Tu causes un grand remue-ménage".

"Je dois toucher ta visage" : I want to touch your face
"Tu causes un grand remue-ménage": You cause a great stir.

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