October 26, 2008
By Kate Singerline, Wake Forest, NC

and the chemistry connects us.
it shows the details in our faces
and I don't care if we leave this world tonight
at least we'll always have these places

and when you get older you may forget
I may be the only one that may remember
those laugh filled car rides, theater expeditions
these cold nights or sea trips in November

thoughts, dreams, random bursts of wit
but mostly memories you'll never forget
your first, your last, your only one
most of all, the moment we first met

these memories will sit in your mind
they'll never be the ones so easily gone
like the way she sparkled and the smell of her hair
or the way she sings your song

never will there be a time in your mind
when you don't look down at your hands
and not remember how she matched yours
as if be someone else's plans

and I'll fuel the fire on those lonely nights
the ones where I'm the only one awake
I'll set off this bottle rocket
you're mind is only mine to take.

The author's comments:
I'm Kate, and I don't thing about you often. Except now. And now. And now. And now. . .

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