October 26, 2008
By Katie Lewellen, Leipsic, OH

My body is broken
And my spirit is sore
its not if,but when,
this pain will abruptly end.
My grip on hope has long since slipped
and fallen into the vast depth of the conspiring cold
that threatens to swallow it altogether.
No longer can I see what this life holds for me
All I can do is watch those around me
suffer because I suffer.
My plastic smile holds no more truth
and my ancient mind holds no more wisdom.
the few flames that light the way,
are growing soft and faint.
But after all I've been through,
where is a savior when I need it?
I've grown much too tired to seek it.
So I wait. Second after second,hour after hour,
and endure this pain.
What can you possibly gain?
Why am I punished,
for this path that I have worn thin?
Can I ever win? Instead I am forced to rely on
what could have been.

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