Limited by the Limitless

October 26, 2008
By Leah Davidson, Sherbrooke, ZZ

I fawn over the girl in the window
Who is all but a reflection of who I am
More so, the entirety of who I want to be
And who I will be if imagination encompasses the unattainable
For if dreams can lead to the unveiling of the impossible
Only then can I relearn the meaning of trust

The girl in the window has unseen beauty
Loveliness not unrecognized by those she hates to love
She smiles when she remembers the times she was wronged
For her eyes are not set on a place in this world
But rather on a destination extending beyond limited boundaries
Her innocence is external
Yet her fallibility has given her a greater understanding of wisdom

She is blessed with a sinful nature
Which allows her to choose to spend time with its creator
On him are bestowed her unanswered questions
The burdens that weigh down her deformed heart
Her future was yours if only the girl in the mirror
Could have avoided her deserved fate

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