The Power of a Sword

October 26, 2008
By Leah Davidson, Sherbrooke, ZZ

A path of discovery waiting for me
To islands I’ll never explore
Historic locations full of people to meet
In countries and places of war

Only through ink can a new land be seen
One society claims is not near
Yet because we have fingers to open a book
Our blurred vision will be forced to clear

A pen and a paper in hand
Is the power to spell out a line
Will it change a day or even the world
When the words on their own start to shine?

Pages filled with wonder and hope
Some will be laden with tears
Others the source of great laughter
Making you break out in cheers

To learn what it means to have empathy
One must try to believe in a shoe
For if your feet can be fitted into its small hole
Then a journey is laid out for two

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