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October 26, 2008
By JamesNikko SILVER, San Pablo, California
JamesNikko SILVER, San Pablo, California
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i slowly sauntered around the walls of eden,
my fingers dragging across the beige concrete,
in motions when graphing sine and cosine.
the nature that grew passed its boundaries,
my controversial hopes and my catastrophic dreams,
reality’s perception is distorted by concealed truth.
my eyes glare through eden’s gated entrance,
hands grasping cold bars, face pressed against infinite ideas.
however, i withdrew from my fantasies and accepted my realities.
solutions stood before me, but my ears deafened from the pandemonium.
the freedom i achieved from bare feet resting on soft soil.
the importance of our vocal capabilities.
but, the significance of decisions followed by actions.
i turned around only to find adam and eve behind me.
eden welcomes all when all welcomes eden.

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