Black Magic Ballad

October 26, 2008
By Jacob Austin, Jerome, PA

Black Magic Ballad

Oh I’ve got a voodoo woman
She’s got her spell on me
She’s taken over all my thoughs
Her face is all I see

Yes I’ve got a voodoo woman
She’s in my brain so deep
She controls my mind all day long
An’ even when I sleep

So I’ve got this voodoo woman
Guess I’m now her zombie
Her magic’s got these chains on me
But I don’t want freed

Now this voodoo woman’s got me
And that is all just fine
I do all sorts of things for her
She even makes me rhyme

See this voodoo woman’s got me
I’ve given her control
Don’t you cross my voodoo woman
Or you’ll have to pay the toll

Yes this voodoo woman has me
I stand at her right side
I’m treated oh so well by her
So her rules I do abide

Oh a voodoo woman’s got me
I feel like I could fly
But her love is a noose so tight
Thank God I cannot die

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