Last Homecomeing

October 26, 2008
By mindy munoz, Irving, TX

The music goes bump in the night…
Our bodies move to the beat…
Your date glances our way
You pay no attention…
As the music quickens
Our shadows can’t keep up
Your hands tighten on my waist
Sweat drips down my spine
I unbutton your shirt
As I tug you closer…
I notice that your date is uncomfortable…
As I place my hands between your inner thighs…
Your lips sweep my hot skin
That makes every hair stand on end
I have to bite back the urge of wanting more…
I turn around as the thump of the music dims down
The sounds around us listen
As our lips press together
You pull me closer… your hands tighten on my dress
Your heartbeat pounds at the beat
Against my chest
The music stops… the crowd grows quiet
Our lips part …
The night ends with a good night kiss
One that will be missed

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