Sounds Like: Lullaby

October 25, 2008
Sounds Like: Lullaby

Hush little angel don’t say a word
One day you will find your yellow bird
And if that yellow bird don’t sing
Then you’ll know that it was never meant to be

So dry your eyes and silence your soul
The answers to questions we will never know
Stubborn circle your mind as you desperately try
To ignore the voices through the wall

Rest your weary head and get some sleep
And say your prayers while you can still believe
Because it just gets so hard to believe in a God
Who has stolen the stars from you

But for now you still have a soul worth saving
And when you dream, they’re almost always worth chasing
So you’d best start running now if you’d like to learn how
To escape your shattered past

Tonight I’ll be sleeping with what I have left of you
Which isn’t much, but it will have to do
Because no matter how many candles or stars I wish upon
You won’t be calling to tell me happy birthday

But tonight I won’t say a word or shed a tear
For you once promised me that you would always be here
And I have been told that if you love something you must let it go
But what if it never comes back?

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