O Captain My Captain

October 25, 2008
By Cierra Lowe, St. Louis, MO

O Captain My Captain

O Captain my Captain! Prisoner of mortality
Precious life was lost on the voyage to escape reality
The ocean that once stretched out before me of varied depth and hue
Is a part of us no more, no more; these are my shipwrecked blues

If you’ll be the dealer, I’ll play the game
And paint this glass with a coat of flame
I’ll be the rocks if you’ll be the waves
All of my worldly troubles you will wash away

O Captain my Captain! What you once called yours I now call ours
As I sleepless gaze into the night sky numbering the stars
You were always the master of uncharted waters
To you I have sent my soul in every empty bottle

If you’ll be the music, I’ll be the song
And I will lie awake listening all night long
I’ll be the thunder if you’ll be the rain
And you will drown my fears and ease my pain

O Captain my Captain! Your demons they live on in me
Tearing away at every wretched hour, begging to be free
For there is a certain hunger that will never be filled
You had a place without a time, a pulse without a will

If you’ll be the sky, I’ll be the sea
And you will calm the storms inside of me
I’ll be the smoke if you’ll be the mirrors
And lead me to a place far away from here

O Captain my Captain! My poor dear father
There is nothing left to live on but food and water
There is nothing left to be seen in neither sea nor sky
There is nothing left to wonder but why why why

The author's comments:
Walt Whitman influenced this poem as well of course, but mostly it's about how I feel without my dad. My father died two years ago of a heroin overdose. I looked up to him so much that since he died I feel kind of stranded.

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on Jun. 12 2009 at 11:19 pm
ShernayB. DIAMOND, Southfield, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Some things will never change"---Tupac

Wow! This poem really shows a person that is stranded. Of course you know not literally. I am truly sorry about your father. :(. I love this piece because it creates beautiful imagery.


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