Curing Writers Block

October 25, 2008
By Kelsey Pickett, Haverhill, MA

Curing Writers Block: Write About Something New…
How can someone hear but not listen, see but not perceive, or say they know but not believe? How can someone have a mind but not think, feel sad and not blink, then set off into the ocean to sink? How can someone lie and not feel bad, or cry when they aren’t sad? How can someone put trust in a person for no reason at all, their emotions go up but don’t fall, or they’re legs aren’t broken but they insist to crawl? How can someone get high and crash, jump into a pool without a splash, or walk down the street and ignore the trash? How can someone run a marathon when tired, sleep while wired, or forget what they’ve desired? How can a Doctor perform transplants, yet forget to zip up his pants? How can a genius learn everything there is to know about technology, but never know the meaning of an apology? How can someone only see the dark, when it’s the light they need to embark? How can someone ask a question, but already know the answer? How can someone be completely covered but feel naked, be conscious yet still be awakened? And how does a young writer learn to write through writers block?... Take a deep look inside, and there is your creativity waiting to be unlocked..

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