The Human Theme

October 27, 2008
Dreams that are shattered
Break into shards

Hearts that are broken
Are arrow pierced

Words can fly like arrows
They head straight home

Through the blackened sky
Fly the things we should fear

In the human theme
What we do just causes more pain

But if you just look
Up to the sky

You would see that there is hope
There is light and it is shining down on us

We can make it if we try
But if we give up now

Then that is when our hearts quit trying
And that is when we die

The human fear that’s greatest
Is death in it self

But if you fear death
Why kill yourself

If you let your heart shutdown
This is what you’re doing

When you say no more
And now don’t care

That’s when you go suicidal
That’s when you cease to have

That thing that makes you human
That thing that gets you there

That thing is inside you
That show others that you are

This is the human theme
The way that we choose to be

The setting and place
Of what’s going on

On this Earth we say
That we are independent

But you were not made this way
You were made to lean on each other

The reoccurring theme on earth
Is to hate and to hurt

You may not see the flaming arrows
Yet they fly through our blackened sky

If you’re not carefully watching your every word
Any one of them could become the arrow that heads home today

They hit the heart at which they are aimed
With incredible force and speed

They do not stop when we start regretting
Instead they enter deeper

Just look skyward
A day that is bright were people are kind

Rather that than this world we have turned
We have turned from bright to dark

We have turned it from love to hate
And so here we are in a full out war

In this war there are but two sides
One is good and one is evil

Cliché I know

Yet this is how our world has been
For many many ages

We have fallen from the garden
To streets of hate and horror

We shoot words of evil towards each other
Careless of whom they may hit

And so this war rages on
No stopping it now

this is the human theme
the theme of war and fear

the theme of hate and pain
the fight for heaven

the fight for our king
he will stand beside us

sword in hand
swinging to win the hearts of his people

this is the fight
this is the one

this is where it is lost
or won

what else is there
if this is gone

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