I Loved You

October 24, 2008
I loved you first,
I loved you most,
But you turned around,
And turned me down.

I feel this pain,
It's crushing me!
Why'd you do it?
You're killing me!

You built me up,
And tore me down,
Now fix me.
You'll just hurt me.

You've lead me down,
This path I fallow,
Which in tihs pain I wallow.

Torn from the inside,
Your name engraved on my heart,
This pain I feel,
It's so real.

Shattered from the truth,
Broken from the lies,
You've miss placed me in this life,
Now put me back where I was.

You grew so close to me,
But yet so far,
Now it's like,
I never knew you.

It's like i'm going insane,
Engulfed in this pain,
Pain in which there's no cure,
It's so obscure.

Total darkness hides the light,
And all that we know is right.

We learn from mistakes,
And you were a big one.
You caused a life,
In which I live in pain.

All because of you,
I'm living a nightmare,
I keep reliving.

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brokenhearted said...
Feb. 8, 2009 at 2:36 pm
really good poem.. it explains alot of how i feel..
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