Letters to the envied.

October 24, 2008
A yearning smile your way, followed by wandering eyes.
Beating herself up every time a sudden word is not spoken.
Criticized appearances, wondering if she is enough for you.
Definite feelings of both lust and shame.
Endless reasons it wasn't meant to be.
Finding ways to make these feelings disappear.
Getting restless nights with images of you appearing suddenly.
Hoping every ounce of faith would leave her soul.
Intimidated by who ever gets your attention.
Jealous by the glances exchanged towards you and her.
Kindly recognizing your presences.
Letting words become captivated when you brush past her.
Mounting her bed every night, wanting you.
"Next to impossibility" of being held in your arms.
Opening a door of pure regret, even before acceptance.
Personality not being enough for you.
Questioning her place in your mind, doubting she has one.
Regretting every glance not recognized.
Seeming as if life would be better, only if you saw her.
Taking everything you do into consideration.
Uniquely skipping heart beats.
Vaguely having any other thoughts but you.
Wasting time.

Dear Envied,
You’re all she wants.
Following eyes filled with sudden burst of laughter.
Giving you so many hints, follow these words kindly spoken.
Talk to her, walk past her with more interest and twinkle
In your eyes.
If not,
Catch her from falling for you further,
And she'll run. She'll get the message and she'll no longer
Want you; stop her from wasting her time; or start
Realizing she wants you more and more each day.

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