Resist The Moon

October 24, 2008
The moon is my drug
holding me down to the earth
shining silver against the blackened sky
a never ending stream of desire
that fades through closed curtains
and pours through open windows

It calls to me
a full circle looming
above my head and urging me on
"its time to howl
show your claws
don't hold back your instincts"

What determines human from wolf?
Man from beast?
Both are destroyers
whether through
or nuclear arms

Is there a difference?
If we look past the fur
look past the stories and myths
is there a creature underneath
a creature more similar
then we like to think?

But for now it seems I must hold back
to never show my true side
I must resist my drug
resist the moon,
pretend to be the human I am trapped inside

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RavenousCeci said...
Apr. 16, 2011 at 5:59 pm
i like it, it paints a picture in mind. good job.
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