The science of sleep

October 24, 2008
By nina davis, Tularosa, NM

I walk around in a circle
Waiting && hoping
Hoping && waiting
Watching the trees as they pass by
Watching the sea as it flies by
Looking at the grass as it curls up from beneath my feet before they rest upon the ground
Looking at the waterfall as it spews out words of all
I look up at the sky && watch as it turns into a ray of colors
Purple with blue stripes
Red with orange dots
Green with pink, blue, maroon stars
I look to my left
Then to my right
I rub my feet in the dirt digging up red colored sand
I bend down onto my knees && bury my hands
I close my eyes && listen carefully
My ears twitch && my eyes snap open
I turn around; my hands grinding deeper into the sand
They slowly begin to rise with purple colored felt hands attached
Green hair begins to show as well
White marble colored skin && auburn eyebrows
Pink shot eyes with yellow pupils
Purple tinged lips with two clips on the bottom
A scarf wrapped about his neck in an assortment of colors
Thin stringed arms like spaghetti
Tattoos ranging from small to large all around
Then a blank colored hockey jersey appears
Green swimming trunks with real fish swimming about
Bare feet with swirling streams of leaves around then
I close my eyes && listen carefully as they brush against them
His fingers slipping away
Scratching mine like sand paper
I watch through my lids as the scene melts away && then re-paints one of many
Pieces && shards of every persons memory
I open them && he still stands before me
But different in a way
One side of him, his skin darker, the other, still pale
I take a step closer && see that his skin is chipping like paint
He takes my hands carefully && slowly placing them upon his head
Curling my fingers around his hair && pulls quickly && thoroughly downward
I scream in atone
Shutting my eyes quickly && tightly
I open one to see what has become of him
I look down at the floor…..
&& gape in awe && wonder
There is but a mess of paint where the boy once stood
What stands before me now are two people who I would do anything for
One my born non-blooded twin of whom I am in love with && loves me equally as much
&& One of whom I still love && is my 2nd best friend in the world next to that above
All of a sudden I find myself standing on a yellow bricked road splitting off into two directions
One to Zach…….
&& One to Shannon…….
I’ve come to the cross-roads in my life now where I am more than likely forced to choose
But who to choose I am apparently not ready to do
So I rip the road off of’ the map of my life
My destiny is yet to be determined by me && so it is unforeseen
So I will walk through the forest that which we call life && blindly I shall do
For if we knew what there was ahead……
What fun would that be?
So I awake once more to another none-sense making, sun-filled day from a more prominent realization of that which we must eventually face

[i did use the title of this movie for the title of my poem. the movie actually inspired me to write this.]

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