October 24, 2008
It’s not that I am so much as mad,
at least not anymore,
as I am confused or disappointed.
Your words left wounds
far greater then I imagined.
My trust in you now barely exists.
Even though you try to blame me
for the same actions yours are much greater.
The lies I can try to forget.
It’s the fighting that kills me.
Not just the yelling we project
at each other, but you fighting for her.
Why her when it seems that
you don’t even fight for me.
Your expectations are not fair.
How should I not be allowed
to do something, but yet it is
fine if you do the same thing?
You cannot take back the words
That so evilly spewed from your lips.
Nor can you take back the events
that made me turn so cold.
We are together physically,
but held apart emotionally.
I barely feel your warmth as
you attempt to grasp me tightly.
I have tried many times to rejoin
our souls to their once merry state.
Somehow, someway this mess is
supposed to be my fault, but you,
yes you have left us broken.

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