You Claim

October 24, 2008
By Megan Maxon, Mac, OH

You claim that you love me, but you just lie,
You claim that you need me just to get by!
You claim that I'm the one that you want to be with forever!
but if you love me so much, then why'd you make it more like

You claim that I'll forever be yours!
You claim that if I left you, you'd be knocking on heavens doors.
You claim that I'm the only one you love,
From the depths of the sea to oh' so far above!

Well, if you love me the way that you claim,
Then why do you hide our love as though you're ashamed?
If you love me as much as you claim,
Tell me then, "why can't you even say my name?"

You claim I'm the one,
No more "I'm just having fun!"
You claim that I'm the only one for you,
but if thats true, then why do you shield the love that i once knew?!

You claim this, and you claim that!
But I'm through with you!
You don't play with my heart; You should have known that from the start!

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