My Secret Sacrifice

October 24, 2008
By Cynthia "Astrid" Stark, Portland, OR

My secret sacrifice
used to be living life
going through strife
having to live in life
being here- when I didn't want to be
I never felt like i had a reason to be living
What's my function through life?
What's my purpose?
And why?
Confusion in my mind,
being here all the time.
I wanted it to stop
it was killing me inside,

But now,
my secret sacrifice
Isn't living life,
but finding a way to love life,
to find the diamond in the rough,
I used to not want life
but that slowly slipped away
I do have a reason!
I do have a purpose!
I've learned through someone else
and found i do love myself...

My reason to live,
to be the creativity;
My purpose in life,
to fufill my dreams;
the thing that makes me wanna love life is love ITSELF
love has showed me
its okay to be alive
all i have to do is fight

my secret sacrifice
find a way to love life
love myself,
love my soulmate,
love itself

The author's comments:
My inspiration is Mike Baez, I Love You!

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