She's never been in love with you before

October 24, 2008
Has she felt, what I feel now?
Did you intoxicate her like you do me?
Did trying to make her happy mean losing everything?
Was it worth even more if it made you happy?

She must have thought all the love songs had already been written,
But I doubt she’s ever been in love with you before.
She must have assumed her life was set,
But she was clearly blind to what all you really have to offer.

Has she felt the air thicken when you were around?
Did her pulse quicken when your lips met her own?
Did she ever think that offering you the world
Was the only thing that you could ever want from her?

I thought all the love songs had already been written,
Until I fell in love with you.
I thought my life wasn’t going anywhere,
Until I realized my future was set with you.

Why does she still hang on,
When you’re finally happy?
Why does she still feel some connection,
When the line dead?

Why do I feel like I’m not doing enough,
When really you think I’m doing it all.
I want to show you more of what I can offer,
I’m just afraid of being too vulnerable.

I want to show you that we're not going to slip through the cracks,
Because you saved me from the darkness.

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