Ocean Aroma

October 24, 2008
Here I am still waiting for your call
Take the leap, my constant downfall
The waves crashing above me
The salt pulses in my pores
Let go of the strength in me
Give in to the ocean floor

I hate that you stay so far away
Deserts stay dry, clouds stay grey
My body is thrown by bitter water
I seem to float so numb and ill
I'm guided by the pressure
My oxygen is the thrill

I wish you'd realize what you've done to me
One day you might see
Taken by the undertow
It stings my eyes, it burns my nose

The tide rises inviting me to dive in
The danger pursues me; still don't know where to begin

So I'll relax my muscles
Plummeting through the depths
Thoughts of more
Thoughts of less

Off I go, I trust the tide
The horizon colorful and wide

One deep breath in
I'm in command
Let go let go
Trust me
In the morning I'll lie in the sand

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